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Fred Bogert celebrates his way through 11 songs of spirit and inspiration. An uplifting energy unites many styles of music in this powerful collection. Great music by Fred Bogert, John McTigue, Alex Bogert, and Mickey Raphael.

Fred's vocals accompanied by Jennifer Beningo and Peggy Beningo.

All songs written by Fred Bogert Maxbox Music BMI

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Relationships can be a source of adversity and frustration. But they are also our finest expression of hope, nurturing and fullfillment. That's Life in the Briarpatch.

Paul Zonn& Bob Bowers-Sax, Jennifer Beningo- Vocals, Chris Munson& John McTigue- Drums, Brian Zonn- Bass, Lee Owen- Guitar

Vassar Clements- Violin, David Angell- Violin, Bob Mason- Cello, Rod McGaha- Trumpet

All songs written by Fred Bogert Maxbox Music BMI




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Our prayers are filled with dreamspeak - the voice of guiding Spirit.

These are songs that came to me that way. I hope they unite your

heart and soul as they have mine. May we always find our miracles.

All songs written by Fred Bogert Maxbox Music BMI

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'Southern Stories' proves David Amram’s the "quintessential American musician." Structure and spontaneity blend in this live recording of Amram’s acoustic music featuring special guests: Vassar Clements, Reggie Young and Mickey Raphael.

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Fiddler Phil Salazar and singer/guitarist Jonathan McEuen cover many of the Grateful Dead's classics on this Tribute to Jerry Garcia.



Richard Mekdeci's "inspo-pop" album of songs about world peace and unity



This unique album celebrates The twelve powers :

attributes of God Which are inherent in

                            our own spiritual nature.



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Vassar Clements, the Father of Hillbilly Jazz, and the Little Big Band offer this collection of swing and big band tunes featuring Paul Zonn, Brian Zonn, Fred Bogert, Chris Munson, Gail Bliss & Lee Owen.

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Melissa Javors writes, plays and sings from and about the heart. Her insightful

vocals are accompanied by a variety of acoustic instruments. Very Tasty.


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