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Vassar Clements & The Little Big Band Press


"While the one-size-fits-all band peels off flawless solos, Clements is subtly amazing, slicing out a riff or improvising with an unexpected flourish.  The current crop of Squirrel and Daddy bands may be entertaining, but it's Clements who's the real swing thing." 

Dan Willging - Dirty Linen


"Clements shows the diversity of his playing as he an the band flit across musical boundaries with reckless abandon....Ultimately, this album further highlights Clements' expansive musical skills."
Mickey Skidmore - Relix Magazine


"Clements is an endlessly inventive solo and ensemble player who is comfortable with virtually any style.  This aptly titled CD puts him in a new context: a horn-heavy, swinging "little" Big Band. 
Blair Jackson - Mix Magazine


"Vassar Clements fiddles his way through this splendid offering of 'Hillbilly Jazz', with Bluegrass and Swing nuances.  Eleven tracks of pure delight....Broaden your musical horizons and listen to the man who sings, 'There ain't nothing better than Hillbilly Jazz,' because he's got a point."
Carla Hanson - Glasgow University Guardian





Jonathan McEuen & Phil Salazar Press


The late Jerry Garcia had a particular affinity for bluegrass music . . . It's a sure bet he'd appreciate his songs being given a bluegrass treatment
on Phil Salazar and Jonathan McEuen's upcoming "A Tribute To Jerry Garcia."
Deborah Evans Price - Billboard Magazine

Great!  "Eyes of the World" sounded great in my show.

David Gans -  "The Grateful Dead Hour"

Jonathan McEuen & Phil Salazar and friends have created a wonderful album with all the songs we associate with Jer. This is so good.

Grateful Dead Productions

Attention all Jerry Garcia fans: the first musical tribute album to the leader of the Grateful Dead is now available. And you better like bluegrass.  Garcia, who may have personified roots music before the term existed, would undoubtedly have enjoyed Salazar's and McEuen's take on some of Garcia's tunes.

Crystal Caviness - UPI

The first project honoring the late Grateful Dead hero is a bluegrass interpretation of the jam band's rock. Fiddler Phil Salazar and guitarist Jonathan McEuen lead the way, with assists from guests.

USA Today

Well, it doesn't look as if the tribute albums are going to stop anytime soon . . . One of the best, however, is a little bluegrass album called "A Tribute to Jerry Garcia" (Chrome Records). Jonathan McEuen -- son of John McEuen, of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band fame -- and Phil Salazar have joined forces to shed new acoustic light on some of these Deadhead faves.

Scott Iwasaki, Music Editor, Desert News, Salt Lake City, UT

This is a CD that is going to be enjoyed by Dead Heads, bluegrass fanciers and people who just plain like good pickin'.

Louise Carroll, New Castle News, PA


High energy bluegrass versions of some of the best known tunes by the
Grateful Dead. Garcia was a bluegrass fan his entire life and this homespun
psychedelia is a worthy memorial.

Stephen L. Betts, Editor, CMT Magazine





David Amram Press

"Amram, who spent most of his life in the South, captures the essence of life there with 'Southern Stories.'  Eloquently, yet simply, he weaves story and song into a snapshot of the South."
Crystal Caviness - UPI

"Applying his considerable composing expertise to 'Southern Stories,' Amram has come up with a CD that deserves a prominent place in any music lover's collection."
Diane Samms Rush - Wichita Eagle

"I can't imagine a more appropriate recording to initiate a category-free review series.  This is an album you'll brag about owning twenty years from now, if , of course, you get a copy now."
Bill Littleton - The Bridgeworks

"David Amram is one of the most versatile and skilled musicians America has every produced..."
The Washington Post


"David Amram was multi-cultural before multi-culturalism existed."  

The New York Times



John McEuen Press

"McEuen joins with Southern California musicians for some fine picking and grinning, most broadly on a non-Artistic version of 'Kiss.'"
Mikel Toombs

"This may well be John McEuen's best album since he left the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band back in 1987.  And that's saying a lot, because he's and some pretty spectacular projects through the years." 

Keith Lawrence (Bluegrass Notes)

"Overall , McEuen's style is somewhere between that of John Hartford and comedian Steve Martin.  It's a most agreeable mixture, one that needs no amplification -  either electronically or by additional players."

Finally, we can take John home with us after the concert to entertain us any time we get a "hankerin'" to be entertained. "Round Trip" is a live recording which includes some of his favorite ways to astound us with his banjo and guitar skills. But more important than his musical skills - to me anyhow - are his entertainment skills.

Barry Willis, Bluegrass Record Reviewer, Pow'r Pickin'

This  what we've come to expect from John McEuen, which is not to suggest any degree of predictability.  I've seen him live in various ensemble and solo
configurations and it's always a warm, happy show with at least a morsel or two of unexpected stuff.  This is his first live album, done "back home" in Southern California (hence the title) and the overall effect is that a crew that dares call itself the L.A. String Wizards can entertain themselves anywhere and blow an audience away in the process. Maybe it's time for variety to return to TV and for McEuen to do it. Even without the video, this gig is a damn good pilot.

Bill Littleton, The Bridgeworks, Nashville, TN

Round Trip is an extremely eclectic album. Take a trip back in time listening to the Sheik of Araby. Discover the jazz sounds of Night Flight.  From the NGDB's biggest, Mr. Bojangles, to a cover of Prince's (Sorry, the Artist Formerly Known As....) Kiss, this album takes you along on a fun trip through 16 songs. But, don't be fooled, this is not the end of the trip for John McEuen, it is just another renaissance for him and a tremendous series of beginnings for son, Jonathan. 

Randi Radcliff, Country Star, Fort Lauderdale, FL

John McEuen, the multi-instrumentalist who gave the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band its bluegrass roots, is back with an eclectic and fun, live recording, which emphasizes the sheer range of McEuen's skills on banjo as well as guitar and mandolin, the formidable chops of the latest incarnation of his L.A. String Wizards Band, and the stories and banter of a concert setting.

HK, Bluegrass Unlimited

McEuen should have added Microphone to his arsenal of instruments long ago-Round Trip confirms it.

Jerry Mills, Rocky Mt. Bluegrass, KCKK FM, Denver, CO

John McEuen seems to be blessed with a wealth of musical ideas. And he's got the talent to deliver those ideas in a variety of ways, all of which include a big dose of fun.  Only a small percentage of great musicians are also great entertainers.  John is one of the few.  And he is one of the best.

Orin Friesen, KFDI, Wichita, KS






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