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David Amram

David Amram

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David Amram - Southern Stories

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  Southern Stories - David Amram

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David Amram has composed more that 100 orchestral and chamber music works, written many scores for Broadway theater and film including the classic scores Splendor in the Grass and The Manchurian Candidate, two operas including the ground-breaking holocaust opera and ABC Television Event The Final Ingredient, and the score for the landmark 1959 Beat Generation documentary film with Jack Kerouac, Pull My Daisy.  Amram and Kerouac collaborated on the title song and Amram appeared in the film.  A pioneer player of jazz French horn, he is also a virtuoso on piano, numerous flutes and whistles, percussion, and dozens of folkloric instruments from 25 countries as well as improvising lyrics.  He has collaborated with Leonard Bernstein (who chose him as The New York Philharmonic's first composer-in-residence in 1966), Langston Hughes, Dizzy Gillespie, Dustin Hoffman, Willie Nelson, Thelonious Monk, Odetta Elia Kazan, Arthur Miller, Charles Mingus, Lionel Hampton, E.G. Marshall, and Tito Puente, among others.

For nearly three decades, Amram has brought his contagious enthusiasm, as music director, to young people's, family, and free summer concert programs for the Brooklyn Philharmonic.  As conductor, narrator, and soloist on instruments from all over the world, he combines jazz, Latin American, Middle Eastern, Native American, and folk music of the world in conjunction with the European classics.  In the spring of 1995, the Brooklyn Academy of Music honored his quarter of a century as a pioneer of multicultural symphonic programming.  He is the recipient of our honorary doctorates for his contribution to American music.  He appears as guest conductor and soloist with major orchestras around the world, as well as touring internationally with his quartet, while continuing to produce a remarkable output of new compositions.

Recent commissions include A Little Rebellion:  Thomas Jefferson, premiered at the Kennedy Center with E.G. Marshall narrating and Amram conducting members of the National Symphony Orchestra.   This work will be recorded in 1998.  In January of 1997, Kokopelli: A Symphony in Three Movements, received its world premiere with Amram conducting the Nashville Symphony Orchestra.  It was recorded in June of 1997, conducted by Kenneth Schermerhorn.

Amram has hosted television and radio specials, coordinating music and musicians designed specifically for the occasion.   His frequent national television appearances include four specials with Willie Nelson for Farm Aid, many performances with the late Dizzy Gillespie, and numerous appearances on Late Night with David Letterman, Today Show, Good Morning America, and CBS Sunday Morning.  His video, Origins of Symphonic Instruments, released by Educational Video, is in over 6,000 schools throughout the U.S. and Canada.   The award-winning documentary Amram Jam will be nationally televised and released as a home video in 1998.  By the end of 1998 there will be twelve CD's of David Amram's music commercially available, ranging from his holocaust opera, The Final Ingredient, his symphonic works Three Concertos, to his classic film scores Splendor in the Grass and The Manchurian Candidate.  His best-selling auto-biography, Vibrations, published in 1968, will be reissued in paperback by Viking Penguin in the Fall of 1998.

Since being appointed first composer-in-residence with the New York Philharmonic in 1966-67, he has become one of the most acclaimed composers of his generation, listed by BMI as one of the Twenty Most Performed Composers of Concert Music in the United States since 1974.  David Amram can appear with your orchestra as conductor and soloist, in classical, contemporary, and popular formats or infusing programs with jazz and world music for Subscription Series, Pops, Family, Young People's and Children's concerts.

David Amram - Southern Stories


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