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"Jazz Atmospheres" 

Instrumental jazz featuring Fred Bogert on guitars, piano and keyboards

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1.  Miami Device           3:58

2.  Jettyman                     4:03

3.  Imenja                         5:17

4.  Chaconne Belize      4:19

5.  Windward Passage  4:48

6.  Sonic Iguana              4:29

7.  Glass Cove                 5:21

8.  7thND                      4:52

9.  San Juan Rain          5:27

10. Aries Rising             4:00


These songs are instrumental expressions of various different jazz moods. The titles reflect scenes and places that inspired the melodies and rhythms. Several of these show the writing talent of bassist Marc Harris, a great musician and good friend.

Chris Munson and Chester Thompson played drums

Jeff Kirk played Flutes

David Washburn played vibes

Andrea Zonn played violin

Doug Rinaldo played sax

Fred Bogert - guitars and keyboards

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Fred Bogert

Briarpatch Audio Productions, Inc.2

Louisville, KY 40204




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