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"Celebrate Life" 

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1.   One Voice

2.   Celebrate Life

3.  God In Me Is

4.  I'm Here

5.  Inside

6.  Let Spirit Flow

7.  Beach Cathedral

8.  Emmanuel

9.  Unite With Me

10.*  Goodbye Old Friend

11. I Am

All Songs Written by Fred Bogert BMI Copyright Maxbox Music BMI

*Written by Richard Mekdeci Copyright ItoI Music BMI

^ Written by Fred Bogert and Sue Kroupa Copyright 2005 Maxbox Music BMI


The Lyrics Page click here:   Song Lyrics

This album is dedicated to Vassar Clements, the most loving combination of musician and human being I've ever known.

This is a collection of songs I love to sing, with simple, mostly acoustic accompaniment. I hope it energizes and relaxes you and inspires you to hum.

Richard Mekdeci wrote "Goodbye Old Friend", the most graceful grieving song I've heard in years.

Sue Kroupa co-wrote "Inside" with me in minutes.

Look them up. They both make powerful music.

Rev. Bill Dodd put on the retreat at Crone's Cradle Conserve in Florida where we all sang the choir stuff on "Unite With Me".

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